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For brighter plants and bigger vegetables, you need the resources of Greenway Gardens. Amateur and master gardeners alike can benefit from our products and knowledge for superior growth this season.  With the proper tools and chemicals, any backyard, potted, or hydroponic garden can flourish.

Greenway Gardens Offers A Huge Variety Of Beneficial Products: 

  • Growing Media – We sell organic potting soil, hydroton, and other soilless growing mediums
  • Hydroponics Equipment – We have equipment for hydroponic beginners and experts, tanks, nutrients, pumps, and all
  • Plant Nutrients – Get general or specialized fertilizers for improved growth, blooms, insect resistance, and more

Pest Sprays:

Even for experienced growers, the sheer number of plant nutrients and growth aides can be dizzying.  Depending on the type of flower or growing condition, the same plant could require totally different products for optimal growth.

Rely on the expertise of our personable shop keepers to help you find what you’re looking for.

Contact Greenway Gardens today at 231-775-7075 for product suggestions, or browse our website for more information about our growing products and nutrients.

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